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Radniecka Sawicka Kancelaria Radców Prawnych s.c.

ul. Strzelecka 49
61-846 Poznań

+48 609 732 952 Attorney-at-law Marta Sawicka
+48 600 150 659 Attorney-at-law Agnieszka Radniecka

NIP: 7831764577
REGON: 368245015

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    We are constantly looking for hard-working and ambitious people with passion. Knowledge, reliability and creativity - this is the basis. We appreciate people who want to develop, do not give up when faced with difficult issues and are able to identify with the goals of our clients.

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    About us

    We are a dynamically developing law firm specializing in full and comprehensive legal services for Polish and foreign business entities.

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    Agnieszka Radniecka
    Agnieszka Radniecka
    +48 600 150 659
    Marta Sawicka
    Marta Sawicka
    +48 609 732 952
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