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What do we do?

We carry out assignments in many branches of law while ensuring the highest quality of service, both as part of a comprehensive legal service and in relation to a specific legal problem.

  • commercial and business law
  • civil law
  • administrative law
  • public procurement
  • construction law
  • real estate trade
  • labour law
  • intellectual property
  • protection of personal data
  • antitrust and competition law
  • judicial, arbitration and enforcement proceedings

For whom?

Corporate, network Clients
Small and medium-sized enterprises
Micro companies
Private Clients

Flexible billing

Hourly rates

In the case of ad hoc legal consultation, we offer hourly remuneration. The hourly rate depends on the complexity of the case.

We also provide the option to purchase a predetermined number of hours of legal services.

Monthly lump sum

In the case of comprehensive services for entrepreneurs, we offer a monthly flat-rate remuneration for handling cases.

Task-based rate

A lump sum fee may also be established for handling a given case.

Mixed system

We offer a lump-sum hourly remuneration in the case of comprehensive legal services (monthly lump-sum fee), in the event of a need for consultations on matters not covered by the lump-sum hourly rate).

About us

We are a dynamically developing law firm specializing in full and comprehensive legal services for Polish and foreign business entities.

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Agnieszka Radniecka
Agnieszka Radniecka
+48 600 150 659
Marta Sawicka
Marta Sawicka
+48 609 732 952
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